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Cambodian’s agriculture is subsistence in nature and almost entirely reined with low output. For decades, farmers and land users have worked in isolation relying solely on their indigenous knowledge and they have not had access to modern production technologies and markets. Moreover, without investment in the identification, generation and adaptation of agricultural technology and in knowledge transfer to producers, the recent gains in production are likely to stagnate and become insufficient in the face of major demographic and economic shifts.

Agricultural Cambodia Community Development Association (ACCDA) is working with residents and communities to build a good relationship with understanding the needs of communities as partners, and share best practices of living and growing together. The management teams are strivnig to keep the core value of cares and respects toward farmer residents and communities that could beat a fruitrul relationship in long-term cooperation. The management will bring a best practice,knowledge and education of modernization and diversification of agriculture production to share and train the communities. The team will find all possible ways to ensure the stable market share and acceptable price of agriculture products for farmers and communities