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Who We Are

Agricultural Cambodian Community Development Association(ACCDA) is a non-profit association. We are working with farmers and residents of communities. We are striving to improve capacity community development and diversification agricultural productions. We are helping farmers to be self-motivated, increase more incomes and employments, prevent environmental pollution, and contribute to the growth of economic and societal development.

We are trying to improve the quality of ricefield and quality of agriculture production. We are developing ricefields from drought to wet and the death field to green growth all year long. We are developing communities’ projects to support the farming and agricultural product supply chain; to promote to achieve the diversification of farming by promoting high value crops, lowering costs of production, with better extension and raising returns by assure market and high prices for the products; and to improve opportunities for the development investments in support of increased payoffs along the value chain, particularly for farmers and communities.