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Mission​& Vision


"Together to build a better a Community"

Cambodia is known as an agricultural county that 80% of Cambodian population are farmer. However, their people are such so poor, are even below the living standard. In fact, those cambodian farmers do not have enough argricultural education and farming to diversify their farming production, as well as to maximize their quailty and quantity production. 

In addition, those farmers are challenging to find market for their product at the end of harvest season; the price of their products became cheaper in the haravest seasons. 

We expect our work to “Development, diversification, and dissemination of scientific agricultural knowledge through scaling up its scientific excellence, assuring market sustainability, and developing human resources in order to promote the agricultural and rural development of Cambodia”



"Building a better community by providing agro eductional farming to improve quantity and quality of products"

Thus, ACCDA is working to To provide agricultural education and develop human resources for increasing agricultural production through green growth; To provide career as well as business opportunity and produce well equipped and professionally qualified agriculturists; To increase in farming productivity and market output achieved by producers participating; (per hectare production/ labor employed).