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Sochetra Chhuon

Mr. Sochera was born and raised in Takeo Province, Cambodia. He acheived his Master Degree in Business Management and Administration and Bachelor Degree in Administration and Management from the University of Phenix, U.S.A (2013). He also graduated his Bachelor Degree in Public Affair and Administration from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

He is an advaocate and a community development leader. Currently, he serves as the Board Emeritus and also served two terms as the President of the Board of Director of Cambodian Association of Illinois, USA. Looking deep into his ideological and practical goals are the he has been striving and fucusing on poverty reduction through educational basic systems, agriculture and rural development, and researches. His ultimate goals are to improve the general well-being and self-sufficiency of people in his  communities.

MS. HOY SOPHEA is one of a founder, responsible for Finance Committee. Ms. Sophea graduated the bachelor and the master degreed in general management at National University of Management in 2008 and 2005. She also had studied the vocational training skills in abroad with several topics such as (1) Microfinance Management Concentration in Turin-Italy, (2) Microfinance: Building Inclusive Financial Sectors and Support for Legal and Regulatory Frameworks in Sydney-Australia, (3) TOT on Social Performance Management in Hanoi-Vietnam, and (4) Industrial Relationship and Human Resource Management in Tokyo-Japan.
She had 15 years of the professional experience in working with the Microfinance Sector, International and local organizations. She has served as managing the operation of Cambodia Microfinance Association (CMA) including source of fund, employees and services. Promote innovation product and service in public as well as Loans, savings, mobile banking, remittance transfer, and micro-insurance, Social Performance Management (SPM), Client Protection Principle (CPP) and Financial Education to client. Additionally she also managed and implemented the several projects of Action on Disability and Development (ADD) and Chamroen Chiet Khmer (CCK)/ Helen Keller International (HKI) organization including disability right, agriculture for home gardening and nutrition.

She can be contacted by email:

PROF. HENG SOMNANG is one of a founder, responsible for the Chairman of the Association. Prof. Samnang works for the Yale University and Phnom Penh University. In 1995, Prof set up genocide program at Yale, for steering justice for Cambodian. He lectures at Royal Phnom Penh University for History Department, International Relationship, and Modern Southeast Asian History. He also works for the Southeast Asian Collection Document for Yale University.
NGO working for International Child Supports, The Netherlands for ten years to improve Cambodia primary education in 7 provinces in Cambodia.
Since 2008, Prof started to establish trading relationship for Cambodian Rice to outside world supports by IFC, Branch of the World Bank. He sends Cambodian Rice to EU, Former Soviet Union…etc. He serves as business consultant for Cambodian Farmer Association.

Mr. THIR BUNNLIVOIN is one of a founder of ACCDA, serves as the Public Relation and Marketing Committee. In 1999, Mr. Livoin graduated his Bachelor Degree of Business Administrative
(BBA), focused on Marketing filed. In November 2009, during his employment at the Canadian Embassy in Phnom Penh, he participated the Global Learning Initiative for Commercial/Economic Employees in Chennai, India, organized by the Canadian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

Since October 2009 up to he present, Mr. Livoin serves as the General Manger at Phnom Penh Honda Co., Ltd. (Honda Automobile) and K (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Isuzu Vehicle). In 2008 – 2009, Mr. Thir served as a Trade Commissioner/Administrative Officer for the Canadian Embassy in Phnom Penh. Eventually, The embassy was closed and moved its mission to Bangkok, Thailand.
In 2006 – 2008, he also served as a Manager of Business Group for Mitsubishi Corporation Phnom Penh Representative Office, Japanese Company. His first career, he served as a Sale Manager for Australian Company distributing the cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. While his employment with each firm, Mr. Thir is the key element employee driven the growth of the firm.

As the founder and P/R Committee of the ACCDA, he expects the lead of the association plays significant roles in social development, sustainable community develop¬ment, and promoting sustainable consumption. Staff, board officers and community leaders need to build a good relationship and share best practice of living and growth together. He believes that the management team will be striving to keep the core value of cares and respects toward farmer residents and communities that could bear a fruitful relationship in long-term cooperation. He affirms that the association will bring a best practice, knowledge and education of modernization and diversification of agriculture production to share and train the communities. He also states that the management team will find all possible ways to ensure the stable market share and acceptable prices of agriculture products for farmers and communities.

He can be contacted by email:

Production and Financing Committee

Mr. DEN KHUN is one of the founder of the association, is responsible for Public Relation and Community Program Committee. Mr. Khun graduated Master Degree in Business Administration in Management on August 13, 2007, from the International for Business Education (IBE). He graduated his Bachelor Degree of Business Administration in the field of Accounting on 04 January 04, 2003, from Norton University. Mr. Khun also participated in different levels of workshops and trainings in the fields related to his career.

Currently, Mr. Khun has been serving as the key potential management for Association of Cambodia Local Economic Development Agency (ACLEDA), a commercial bank, since 2002. Presently, Mr. Khun has been serving as the Vice President & Branch Manager, at Peamro Branch from 2011 up to the present. He served as the Vice President & Branch Manager at Mondulkiri Branch, from January 2010 – 2011. From 2009 – 2010, Mr. Khun serves as the Senior Assistance Vice President & Branch Manager at Peomro District Branch. He served as the Assistance Vice Presidetnt & Manager at Leakdek, Peomro District Branch August 2008 to December 2008. He also served as the Assistance Vice President and Branch of Credit officer at Phnom Penh- kandal ,  May 2004 to July  2008.

Mr. Khun stated that the Agriculture and Farming is the key development of Cambodia, especially, it is the key growth of GDP and Economic of Cambodia. The government and local communities should have built trust and warm respects within donors, investors and local farmer communities. The government agency and local organizations should provide technical farming, skills, and knowledge on how to improve the farming productivities; and do also exchange knowledge of farming among farmers within Asian country. The quality of agriculture products as well as trust of doing business together among partners need to maintain its transparency and long lasting.

As the founder of Agricultural Cambodian Community Development Association, Mr. Khun assured that all above challenges will be accomplished by the manage team of the Association complying and following up their the strategies.

Mr. PLONG PISETH is one of a founder of the association, responsible for the Program Committee.  Mr. Pisith received his B.A in Archaeology (2003) and B.Ed in TESL (2005) from Phnom Penh, Cambodia and M.A in Cultural Anthropology from Northern Illinois University (2009).
Mr. Piseth has a range of work experience as lecturer, researcher and project coordinator in the fields of education, culture, health and development. Since graduation from university in 2003, he engaged with health-related research (2003-2006), socio-economic studies (2006-2009) in which he focused in borrowing, loan and debt systems in traditional Khmer society, and academic and social work (2009-2012) before he joined the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 2013 as a consultant for Post-Fukushima Recovery Project based in Vienna, Austria.
Through an in-depth research and observation of Cambodian society, majority of Cambodian farmers still practice traditional agricultural methods. By depending on seasonal rain and limited government support, farmers are vulnerable to natural disasters, labor exploitation and uncertainty of crops’ market price during harvest seasons. Efforts to secure market place minimize uncertainty of market price, and introduction of high-crop agricultural production methods would greatly improve
Cambodian farmers’ living to catching up with farmers in the neighboring countries and the region.
He can be contacted by email: